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Spray Foam Insulation Repair and Maintenance in Valdosta

If you already have spray foam insulation in your residential and commercial area and you notice that there is damage done to it, the best thing to do is contact our experts. Repairing spray foam on the roof or in your walls is a rare occurrence but might be needed if there is an accident in your home or damage done to your roof or walls. It might be a sharp branch that punctures a hole in your spray foam roof or sharp materials that damage the walls. If you notice any of these problems, contact Valdosta Spray Foam Pros to repair the surface for you in a jiffy! 

Spray Foam Air Sealing Services

If your foam insulation is not done properly the first time, you will have to deal with air leaks in your walls and roof. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, air leaks can waste a lot of energy and increase utility bills, which will become quite frustrating later on. 

We can use foam sealant to fill in the gaps in the walls and roof and stop air leakage. If you’re not sure where the leakage is coming from, our experts will inspect your entire home, including knee walls, wiring holes, recessed lights, basement floor joists, around doors and windows, attic hatches, open soffits, furnace flues, and crawl spaces. 

Repair Damage to Spray Foam Roof or Walls

If there is a hole in your roof or walls through the spray foam, it might not cause a leak because of the polyurethane foam. Instead, the liquid will be stuck there, and this will lead to deterioration in your spray foam. Your spray foam might become completely damaged, and you won't even notice until it's too late. It's best to repair the spray foam immediately to prevent further damage.

It's not advisable to repair spray foam yourself, especially on the roof, as this can cause injury. If you get it wrong, you might end up with more damage to your roof or walls, and this would be more costly to fix. To reduce the spray foam insulation cost, you should contact our Valdosta Spray Foam Pros to fix the hole as soon as possible. 

We would identify the damage and, based on the extent, provide you with an affordable quote. If it's a small hole or puncture, we can simply cut around the area, dry it off with a heating element, and then fill it with foam sealant, caulk coating, or silicone to smoothen the area. But if it's a big damage, we might have to re-insulate your home. 

Why Should You Contact Us To Repair Spray Foam?

Not many things can damage spray foam except for serious damage, like a fallen tree branch or an accident in the home. It would be best to contact Valdosta Spray Foam Pros to repair your spray foam roof or walls.

First, you might cause further damage to your walls or roof if you try to fix it. Also, climbing up your roof is not the best idea if you have no experience, as this can cause an injury. With experts in your home, you can easily repair the spray foam damage or re-insulate your home before it becomes a problem.

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Although spray foam on your roof and walls is very foolproof, there is no doubt that it can still get damaged, whether it's because a tool, tree branch, or something heavy broke through your roof or walls. Contact us for your spray foam insulation today!